Plating Chemicals

We have full set of electroplating product such as pre-treatment series, post--treatment series, brightener of copper, nickel, chromium, tin and zinc etc. We also have the additive of sandy nickel, satin nickel, pearl copper, palladium and its alloy, gold /silver and its alloy. Moreover, We have a lot of colourful deposit series, i.e., white bronze, yellow bronze, brass, imitative rhodium, imitative chromium, titanium colour, gun colour and electrophoretic lacquering with dyeing.
 Plating Equipment
It is easy for Backinson to make any plating production line for you, which includes electrophoretic lacquer coating, aluminum anodizing, plastic,metal or electronic, electroplating production line. There are tailor-made manual or automatic plating line to fit you .

 Our Strength
We provide you any type of electroplating line with guaranteed quality. Also, our electroplating additives can make you be more competitive because our analytical laboratories with fully equipped instruments, such as Gas chromatography, Inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometer , Ultraviolet/visible spectrometer, Fourier transform infrared spectrometer, Metallographic microscopy , Atomic absorption spectrophotometer, X-ray fluorescence thickness measuring instrument and Coulomscope . Our service team is free to support you at any time.

 Our Vision
Our vision is to provide both metal and plastic surface finishing chemicals to fulfill our customer needs and for the perfect match on chemicals and equipment. Furthermore, we especially concern about the after sales service so that a powerful and prolific experienced service team is developed to handle all your difficulties .